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With more than 60 years of combined leadership experience, David and Brian have been working with boards and management teams across the industry landscape to unleash the potential of a fully engaged workforce. Their shared expertise spans governance and board operations, business strategy, human capital management, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. As advisors to startups and to some of America’s most prominent brands and business leaders, David and Brian help their clients position their businesses for a future of constant change and disruption. 

Unprecedented dissatisfaction in the workplace, powerful new applications for AI and the accelerated velocity of business all mandate a fresh approach to work in our boardrooms, the c-suite, on factory floors and in our virtual offices. Their results-oriented approach brings the power of people and technology together to redefine high performance. The AI-enabled future of work is here. David and Brian’s team is helping lead the way in creating best-in-class collective intelligence for superior outcomes.

David and Brian met when they both served as management consultants and Owners at Hewitt Associates in the 1990s.

Meet Our Team

David Cahn


David Cahn is a board member, board advisor and multifaceted leader. He currently consults with clients on board operations, AI governance and human capital management. 

David worked closely with many prominent boards including The New York Times Company, and private company owner David Rockefeller, Jr. More recently, David is an avid student of AI governance, attended the CSAIL AI program at MIT and serves on the Advisory Board of AI 2030.

Much of David’s success was built on a foundation of broad business acumen that he developed after completing his MBA at the University of Michigan. He was mentored as the apprentice to the Chairman, CEO of General Signal Corporation (Fortune 500 at the time), and later managed a process controls business. David also led talent acquisition for the parent corporation.

David’s passion for leadership began early in life. He started working for a McDonald’s Corporation licensee at age 16, was a Store Manager at age 19 and was the first leader in his market at age 21 to receive the “Outstanding Store Award.” He was also selected to attend Hamburger University and had the pleasure of meeting Ray Kroc.

Brian Reidy


Brian has worked for and with clients across a broad range of industries including Global Fortune 10 to start-up organizations across six continents. He is passionate about helping clients create high performance cultures, teams and systems. 

Brian has held various c-suite and several HR executive roles. As an energy technology executive, he represented the US State and Commerce Departments in global trade missions. He founded three businesses, has taken a company public as the CEO, turned around a fourth and served as the Chief Revenue Officer of another; he’s served as Chairman of several early stage tech startups, served as a Director on others and coached and/or invested in dozens of early stage businesses. 

His previous consulting leadership experience includes roles as Global Workforce Rewards practice leader, Managing Partner and Pacific Northwest market leader and Managing Partner and Alberta market leader at top-tier global advisory firms. 

As a tech geek and “innovator”, in the 1980’s he studied AI in graduate school while working at IBM educating clients on “mobile technologies and personal computers”, joining Accenture as his 1st consulting job; in the 1990’s he invested in clean energy and cyber tech, has owned virtually every 1st generation of tech gadget and has won over 100 individual games in Fortnite.

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